Jim Gigurtsis

Art Classes

Jim teaches art classes to small groups as well as private sessions. Details of upcoming classes are listed below.
Expressive Portrait Painting
Medium: Oils and Acrylics
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: TI-AG Members $140.00, non-members $170.00
Duration: 6 weeks, one weekly 3.0 hours session
Starting: Tuesday October 2nd 2018 - Limited Availablity
Starting: January 2019 - Availablity
Location: Treasure Island City Hall, 120 108th Ave, Treasure Island, FL (Map)

The Treasure Island Art Guild (TI-AG) is offering the course on “Expressive Portrait Painting” using Oils or Acrylics.
The course will teach tools and techniques to enable students to paint expressive portraits. Working with a life model, students will learn how to observe, measure and use paint in order to bring the composition to life.

Students will learn:
     The basic proportions of the head
    • How to use comparative method to capture an accurate likeness of the sitter
    • How to use a limited palette of colors
    • How to handle paint and edge control
    • How to use color and value to create a convincing impression of light
    • Technical information regarding materials
Each class is limited to 8 students in order to allow the tutor to individually guide and support each student throughout the process.

For more information on the course you can email the TI-AG chairperson Peggy Stein (theartguild2018@gmail.com) or contact Jim.
Expressive Figurative Painting
Medium: Oils
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: TBD
Duration: TBD
Starting: Winter 2018
Location: TBD

We will explore the use of classic and contemporary applications of impasto to create expressive figurative compositions. Working from pictures and/or photographs you will learn how to develop a composition on a chosen subject, how to transfer the essence of the composition to a painting surface and how to use different impasto techniques to bring the composition to life. We will work with large brushes, palette knifes, masking tape and other tools to develop the painting.

Students will learn composition, texture, tonal value, colour management, colour temperature, lost and found, etc. Each student will work from their own reference material but will be individually guided and supported by the tutor throughout the process.

Upon completion of the course students should be able to loosen up their style which will enable them to more easily capture the essence of a composition rather than be bound to its representational form.

For more information on the course you can contact Jim.