Jim Gigurtsis

Jim Gigurtsis


  Jim predominantly works with oil paint to create art that expresses his thoughts, emotions and dreams to evoke an emotional bond with the viewer.

   He captures everyday life through his art. Jim creates a visual comfort zone by using recognizable images, but then juxtaposes the images by adding and subtracting lines, shapes and color to stir the viewerís visual and visceral responses.

   For many of his figurative paintings Jim uses images found in newspapers, magazines and his personal collection of photographs. By detaching images from the glamour and original context he reveals daily life and social issues. Working with the images instead of models allows Jim to distant himself from the subject and use the emotions that are triggered by the images to inspire and compose a story.

   In portraiture Jim captures his emotional response to the sitterís presence. The portrait is usually painted in one session. The unfamiliarity with the sitter results in an image which looks complete from afar. However, when you look up close the view is obscured with accidental marks, unpainted areas and imperfections..

   Jimís landscapes and waterscapes are driven by intuition, memories and feelings from his travels. Starting with a blank surface the composition comes to life as he applies and removes paint. Forms appear and dissolve, dead ends are encountered and backtracked, and after all the chaos he arrives at a destination that is familiar, a place with an emotional bond.

  Jim lives in Seminole, Florida, USA. Previously he was based in London, England where he exhibited in various venues across London. Jimís art can be found in private collections across the world.

  Please feel free to contact Jim.