Jim Gigurtsis

Jim Gigurtsis


  My artwork focuses on existence, consciousness, and our relation to them. At times I also take a critical view on social, political and cultural issues and how they impact the human condition. The most recent work relates to themes of mortality, decay and re-generation and loss and pain.

   My preferred medium in painting is oils. The multiple layers of paint on the canvas depict the multilayered themes behind the work and the subject. The image is developed by adding and subtracting layers, by using a restricted palette and by optical blending through the use of broken colors. At time I use installation and video to reflect on different perspectives of a theme or an issue.

  My inspiration comes from my surroundings, events, news, personal experiences and travel. I rely on images from newspapers, magazines and personal images. Working from images instead of models I allow my emotions, feelings and memories to drive the composition.

  Human existence, consciousness, and our relation to them intrigue me. I am depicting human existence at a moment in time where there is contradiction between what is visually expected and my depiction of the essence of the person.

  In figurative work I paint my subjects from the inside out, giving form to sensations and vulnerabilities. Go beneath the surface, render what is hidden and express my emotions and feelings. I stir the viewer’s visual and visceral responses, provoke the viewers’ experiences and anxieties.

  Video and installation allows me to move away from the two dimensions of a canvas and complement the viewer’s experience by engaging their auditory and tactical senses more fully.

   I live in Seminole, Florida, USA. Previously I was based in London, England where I exhibited in various venues across London. My art can be found in private and public collections across the world.

   Please feel free to contact me.
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