Jim Gigurtsis

Jim Gigurtsis


  Jim predominantly works with oil paint. Jim expresses his thoughts, emotions and dreams through his images and attempts to create an emotional bond with the viewer.

   His art seeks to capture the essence of contemporary life through portraiture and figurative works. Jim’s images materialize through a process of adding and subtracting lines, shapes and colour. He purposefully creates a comfort zone through recognizable images in order to juxtapose the viewer’s visual and visceral responses.

   For many of his figurative paintings Jim relies on found images from newspapers, magazines and personal collection of photographs. He is interested in exploring the real life human story that an image could depict once it is detached from the glamour and context of its original place. Working with the images instead of models allows Jim to distant himself from the persons and use the emotions that are triggered by the images to inspire and compose a story on canvas.

   In portraiture Jim tries to capture his emotional response to the sitter’s presence. The totality of the image seen from afar dissipates as you get closer. The view is obscured with accidental marks, unpainted areas and imperfections that represent the person’s life journey.

   Jim says of his art “Every brush stroke, every line, every shade, is an expression of passion, an expression of life.”

  Jim lives in Seminole, Florida, USA. Previously he was based in London, England where he exhibited in various venues across London. Jim’s art can be found in private collections across the world. He does commissioned portraiture.

  Please feel free to contact Jim.